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Today marks the somewhat ignominious one year anniversary of no posts what-so-ever on this blog. Having reached that milestone, it seems time to correct it. The last year saw many trials and, dare I say it, tribulations, but the past, as they say, is past. It's time to start participating and contributing again; coming up shortly, I have some thoughts to share about my experience with Domino on Linux, and my pet peeves about Notes 8. But first, the second anniversary hinted at in the blog title. A few weeks ago, several members of the Lotus blogosphere recounted their history with Notes and Domino and coincidentally about the time I was seeing those posts, I marked my own 15th anniversary working with this incredible platform. On April 26, 1993 in New York City I, along with a few other IT personnel from Coopers & Lybrand, sat down with an instructor from Lotus Development for a class on the brand new Notes 3. C&L had selected Notes for firm-wide deployment to replace an internally developed e-mail and collaboration application and the Atlanta regional office had been selected as a pilot site. I was a young IT staffer and was tapped to support the pilot users and manage the coming Notes server(s). Our first servers ran OS/2 and were outfitted with a digicom multi-serial port board where we attached external 14.4 modems so that users in the field could do dial-up replication with the server. Within the office, in addition to replication via IPX/SPX networking, I experienced the fun of configuring TCP/IP using the NDIS shims on Windows 3.1. Beyond the server administration and client support, it was natural to delve into database development since the designer tools were a part of every Notes client at that point and I had an academic background in systems development. In fact, in college, while working for Auburn University's Academic Computing Services as an assistant to the computer labs manager, I developed my first email-enabled application, coded in Pascal on the DEC VAX. Over the subsequent 15 years I've maintained my skills in both administration and development, and in fact am dual-certified for ND7 (guess I should schedule those ND8 upgrade tests). From the beginning I grokked Notes - I understood it with a simple clarity and intuition that made it possible over the years to anticipate how various new functions or features in LND would operate as it evolved. And what an evolution it's been! From the early rich client, the beta of the first InterNotes Web Publisher, the absorbtion and adoption of every major Internet standard protocol - SMTP, POP3, HTTP, IMAP, LDAP - to Java, web services, and the client rebuild - or dare I say, rebirth - in the Eclipse framework for Notes 8, the platform has grown and met every challenge. It's quacked like whatever duck, goose, or protocol it's needed to speak to continue to deliver great value to those insightful enough to recognize its power.

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1. Marc Resnick08/28/2008 09:34:45 AM


Wow... I started in 1993 too! I still love this platform!


Captain Marc

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